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Today in White Sox History: February 8

Trading away a small light in a dark, dark season

Chicago White Sox
Gerry Janeski is so mildly-regarded in baseball annals, Getty Images spells his name “Jerry.”


Exactly 11 months after acquiring him from Boston as an emergency thrown-in to the December 1969 Gary Peters trade, the White Sox sent pitcher Gerry Janeski to the Washington Senators for outfielder Rick Reichardt.

Janeski wasn’t even supposed to change his Sox; originally the Red Sox sent pitcher Billy Farmer in the package for Peters. But career minor-leaguer Farmer opted to retire rather than report to Chicago, prompting Janeski to be shipped to the White Sox during Spring Training 1970.

A month into Janeski’s acquisition, it looked like a steal, as the righthander threw a complete game shutout against the Oakland A’s in just his second MLB start, on April 15. But that three-hitter was the only shutout and one of just four complete games Janeski threw for the putrid, 106-loss 1970 White Sox. Janeski ended the year without missing a start (35 in total), going 10-17 with a 4.77 ERA/4.25 FIP, 80 ERA+, and staking a claim as the second-best Sox starter behind Tommy John.

However, Janeski was never more than a filler arm, so he was shipped off to the Senators. He would win just one more game and appear in only 27 future contests in his MLB career.