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South Side Sox Top Prospect No. 77: Gabriel Rodríguez

A stellar second season stamps his passport Stateside

Although he repeated a season in the DSL, Gabriel Rodríguez excelled in a more age-appropriate 2022 season.

Gabriel Rodríguez
Right-Handed Starting Pitcher
172 pounds
Age: 20
2022 High Level DSL (Rookie)
Age relative to high level 0.4 years
SSS rank among all right-handed starting pitchers in the system 17
Overall 2022 stats 3-3 ⚾️ 13 games (10 starts) ⚾️ 54 1⁄3 IP ⚾️ 3.64 ERA ⚾️ 1.344 WHIP ⚾️ 58 K ⚾️ 23 BB

Although Gabriel Rodríguez didn’t start 100% of the time in 2022, he was basically in the rotation, and even threw one complete game/shutout. And it was a much better ride for the 20-year-old, as he was repeating the DSL and was just a smidge older than league average. In 2021, moving to the Dominican Republic from Venezuela after signing, Rodríguez had a decent rookie year, with the higher ERA and worse K/BB than in his second year, as you’d expect.

A possible flag, the ratings aren’t too wild about Rodríguez, placing him below-average even though his back-of-baseball-card stats looked pretty good in 2022:

Rodríguez’s Baseball Cube player ratings
Durability 99
Strikeouts 44
Hittable 43
vs. Power 43
Walks 37
K/BB 37
Team Winning Percentage .441

Rodríguez has done all he can in the DSL and will face a Stateside challenge, in Arizona, in 2023.

2023 South Side Sox Top 104 White Sox Prospects

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80. Brooks Gosswein, LHSP
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83. Trey Jeans, LHRP
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85. Carlos Jiménez, 1B
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87. Frankeli Arias, LHSP
88. Ernesto Jaquez, RHSP
89. Laz Rivera, 3B
90. Xavier Fernández, C
91. Álvaro Agüero, CF
92. Ben Norman, RF
93. Erick Bello, RHRP
94. Adisyn Coffey, RHRP
95. Arnold Prado, RF
96. Alsander Womack, 2B
97. Johan Domínguez, RHSP
98. Evan Skoug, C
99. Noah Owen, RHSP
100. Javier Mora, 2B
101. Will Kincanon, RHRP
102. Yohemy Nolasco, RHSP
103. Billy Seidl, RHRP
104. José Rodulfo, RHRP