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Sharing Sox Podcast 103 — Two weeks to go to the regular season!

And a howling snowstorm going on as we spoke

As SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and current downtown Chicago correspondent, Will, celebrated the fact the regular season will soon be here, Mother Nature demonstrated her counterpoint and set off a brief ice and snow barrage across Chicago, a small warning about playing baseball in Chicago in early spring.

Naytheless, they discuss numerous key points:

Can the Kansas City Royals, sitting at 14-2 in the Cactus League, continue the pace and win 140 games this season? Should you bet the over or the under?

Isn’t it nice the World Baseball Classic provides March games where teams are really trying to win, not just keep from getting hurt? And isn’t it nice White Sox players are doing well in the WBC so far?

Can we trumpet the great success so far of players like Oscar Colás, Jake Burger, Hanser Alberto, Eloy Jiménez, Andrew Vaughn, Yasmani Grandal, Elvis Andrus and Michael Kopech without acknowledging the struggles so far of Andrew Benintendi, Dylan Cease — and virtually every player except Burger who might be needed for depth this season?

Speaking of depth, is the White Sox depth thicker or thinner than a sheet of regular typing paper?

And speaking of Kopech, will he be made the fifth pitcher in the rotation so he starts the home opener, or will the White Sox be even more tone-deaf than we already know them to be (which is really, really tone deaf) and keep he who must not be named in the fifth spot? Only The Shadow knows.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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