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Sox Populi Podcast 139 — Camelback Confidential, plus WBC talk

Our Spring Training scouts, Melissa Sage-Bollenbach and son Sage, join Brett Ballantini for their take on the White Sox — and the World Baseball Classic

We’re still a day or two away from our logo being ready — and let me tell you, it’s going to be worth the wait. But for entirely “legal” reasons, our podcast is no longer associated with/owned by Vox. (I only — almost — slipped up one time while recording!) On Friday when we recorded, the South Side Sox podcast had dulled itself into Chicago Baseball Podcast on Megaphone/Apple/Spotify et. al. That’s such a goofy, generic name, I figured this should be the one time we use it!

Anyhow, we’ll have a post soon describing a little bit more of what the new podcast vision/network/goodies are. But the important thing for you to know is what you have already discovered: Nothing materially changes for you as a listener, viewer, reader, consumer ... the change has already happened, and you hardly noticed, right?

It’s Melissa Sage-Bollenbach’s third trip to White Sox Spring Training and, after Sarasota and Tucson, her third ST venue to watch the Sox. This time, she’s brought along the son who has inherited her fervent South Side fandom, Sage. Both mother and son were kind enough to join me to talk about the up close and personal Camelback Ranch experience, and the eye-opener that was the World Baseball Classic.

  • Right off, both Melissa and Sage agree that this White Sox team has a different vibe. Sure, that’s the optimism of March talking ... but only to a degree. As reported in both of Melissa’s stories, the White Sox are drilling (with Pedro very much present and engaged as manager) and prepping in a way we haven’t seen in at least the past couple of years
  • Melissa shares a couple of easy tips for those who still might be planning on making the trek to Arizona, or want to get in on the fun next year
  • On to the World Baseball Classic, and the absolutely unique experience that rooting for your country (the pair caught Team USA vs. Columbia last week), alongside fellow MLB fans of other clubs you’d never be sitting next to and cheering at the same time during the regular season
  • It’s tougher to catch the WBC given it’s not an every-year event, but this tournament comes even more highly recommended from both Bollenbachs than the Camelback Ranch/White Sox experience — it’s that special
  • Enjoy our ad-free podcast — I mean, I managed to bumble through what would otherwise be some sort of station break. Until the Fans First Sports Network (Twitter: @FansFirstSN) gets its legs under it, you will not be bothered by those disruptive Vox pitches

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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Finally, watch the podcast on the Sox Populi YouTube channel.

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