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Sox Populi Podcast 140 — 2023 White Sox Predictions

Chrystal O’Keefe, Malachi Hayes, Joe Resis, Tommy Barbee and Dante Jones join Brett Ballantini for a look at how our guys shape up for the coming year

In what we’ll consider a semi-official Fans First Sports Network and Sox Populi coming-out party, a half-dozen (Chrystal O’Keefe, Tommy Barbee, Malachi Hayes, Dante Jones, Joe Resis, Brett Ballantini) of our 22 prognosticators got together to discuss the differences and similarities we feel about the fortunes of this White Sox team.

  • Representing the 11 of 22 writers who see the White Sox in the playoffs, Malachi, Joe and Dante discuss how such a thing could be possible: Malachi can see Chicago clicking to as many as 95 wins, Joe foresees an unbelievably crazy finish to the season, and Dante feels the AL Central is bad enough that the White Sox claim a wild card
  • Conversely, representing the 11 of 22 writers who think there is something very wrong with those 11 other writers, Chrystal, Tommy and Brett try to stifle their laughter. Although to be fair, Chrystal envisions what is possible an even weirder ALC race than Joe
  • Because Lucas Giolito came up as the choice of a few SSSers as top pitcher for the squad this year, we again play the quick speed round of: Will Lucas re-sign with the White Sox?
  • And in a bit of our bonus time, given that even the sunniest prognosticators on the podcast had to admit this team is a little rough at the moment, we went around the room to discuss what could happen early with the White Sox that would get us excited and revising our low expectations
  • Tomorrow’s podcast and story: MLB predictions, including somewhat Soxy discussion of the AL Central race

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