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Bird App Recap: Astros 6, White Sox 4

The billion-dollar bullpen ... sucks?

Welcome one and all to Game 3 of the 2023 Chicago White Sox season. I’m your host of the Bird App Recap for the afternoon, let’s get right into the tweets!

Remembering Ed Farmer on the third anniversary of his passing. He is missed.

In lighter news, Lucas Giolito is on the bump for the first Gio Day of the season!

The lineup looks like this with Andrew Benintendi in the 3-hole again for whatever (stupid) reason, but Andrew Vaughn is back, so that’s something.

Tim Anderson starting the season and this game HOT.

Benintendi at third in the lineup is already leaving a lot to be desired.

The new vocabulary for the new rules is definitely superfluous.

Lucas is hit with a pitch clock violation and then Kyle Tucker hits a single that scores Jeremy Peña, Chas McCormick follows it up with a bloop single, and the Astros are already up, 2-0, in the first.

Yoán Moncada just barely scrapes a ball over the Crawford boxes, and the lead is cut in half, to 2-1, Astros.

Into the bottom of the second and Gio is still struggling, albeit still striking people out.

Noted speed demon Seby Zavala legs out an infield single to start the third.

In other news, Frank Thomas was replaced at Fox Sports with Derek Jeter, for some reason

Benintendi singles to send Seby to third, and Eloy walks to load the bases for Moncada ...

... and hit hits a foul off his shin ...

... and then he strikes out to end the inning after a bad strike call.

If there’s one thing Giolito has been doing well today, it’s striking out José Abreu.

Luis Robert Jr. then follows it up with a great grab at the wall and a running catch to end the inning.

Oscar Colás legs out a single to start the fourth. The play is challenged by Houston, but Colás is deemed to be safe.

Seby Zavala MASHES a ball over the Crawford boxes that puts the Sox up, 3-2.

Tim Anderson gets another hit — and another stolen base.

Some fun stats from Chris Kamka:

Yoán airmails Andrew Vaughn on a throw to first, which allows David Hensley to take second to start the bottom of the fourth.

Robert makes a wonderful sliding catch to make the second out of the fourth. He may be lacking in offense, but he’s making up for it with defense.

Peña promptly hits a double that drives in Hensley, and it’s 3-3.

Ronel Blanco takes over for the Astros in the fifth, and pretty quickly strikes out the side


Giolito strikes out two in the fifth (including Abreu again) in what is likely his final inning on the day.

A walk and a wild pitch sends Andrew Vaughn to second to start the sixth.

Jimmy Lambert takes over for Lucas Giolito, but everyone is asking: Where’s Joe Kelly?

There’s Joe Kelly! He comes in with two outs, to thunderous boos from the Astros faithful, and strikes out Corey Julks to end the inning.

Nothing doing in the top of the seventh. Kelly stays on for most of the bottom half, José Ruiz comes into the game to relieve him after a couple of hits and gives up a run. It’s 4-3, Astros.

Melissa regretting her choice of words on the pregame podcast from Opening Day.

Houston is not hitting the ball hard today, but they are hitting the ball when it counts.

Eloy takes a walk to start the eighth.

Colas hits a two-out single that moves the Big Baby to third and take Ryne Stanek out of the game.

Hector Neris comes in to strike out Elvis Andrus, who really should have learned from the rest of the team and taken a walk.

Ruiz gets an out in the eighth, Gregory Santos takes over with two on ... Yordan Álvarez singles in a run, and Abreu does the same, making it 6-3, Astros.

If only a certain stocking themed team could do that

Yasmani Grandal pinch-hits for Zavala to open the ninth, and does what he does best.

Eloy bloops his own single later in the inning to drive in Tim Anderson, and it’s 6-4 with Moncada up next.

Moncada strikes out, and the Sox fall to 1-2 on the season.

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