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Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals - Game Two
Back so quick, you hardly missed him: Lenyn Sosa is said to be heading back to the White Sox.
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Lenyn Sosa is back with the White Sox

No sooner is this power bat our Minor League Player of the Week, he rejoins the South Siders

No sooner had he become our first Minor League Player of the Week of this season than Lenyn Sosa got the call back to the majors.

In what has been a cavalcade of injuries in the early going, including Eloy Jiménez (on the IL) and Yoán Moncada (not ... yet) on the position player side, it appears we have another pending trip to the injured list for a key White Sox.

Before Monday’s game in Minneapolis, reliever Keynan Middleton had arrived to replace Joe Kelly, heading to the injured list. By Monday night, Sosa was also heading to town, apparently to replace Tim Anderson.

Anderson knocked knees during an awkward rundown and had to leave the game; the speculation is he’ll sit for awhile in order to recover, with Sosa subbing in.

Sosa has been absolutely marvelous in the early going for Charlotte, slashing .448/.556/.828 with two homers, six runs, eight RBIs and seven walks. Most promising for the middle infielder is a drastic cut-down in Ks, as he has just five this year.

There are other possibilities as to a roster move that involves Sosa, including a demotion for Jake Burger or Romy González, or an outright release of Elvis Andrus. But none are likely, especially given Anderson’s injury. The bigger question will be how middle infield reps will be spread out among Andrus, Hanser Alberto, González and Sosa. Unlike last year under manager Tony La Russa, presumably Sosa is not coming up to sit the bench and watch games. And his call-up is made even easier by the fact that he is already on the 40-man roster.

Despite whatever platitudes offered about conditioning, the same vulnerable players are encountering the same aches and pains. Eloy, though somewhat precautionary, is already inactive. Anderson, who has played in just 77.6% (translating to 126 games in a 162-game season) of White Sox games from 2017-on, now looks to already be sidelined this year. Moncada has been slowed by a foul tip and a tired back. Andrew Vaughn, whose back maladies over the past two seasons were thought to be outfield (out of position)-related, has been suffering for most of the regular season as well, despite shifting to his natural spot at first base.

If this speculation (written at 3 a.m. for early publish) proves wrong, we’ll have an update out pregame. Additionally, Joe Resis might incorporate any additional news in his Tuesday gamethread.

On Tuesday, the White Sox announced that Anderson was placed on the 10-day injured list and that he will miss 2-4 weeks due to a sprained left knee.

Best wishes to Anderson as he recovers from this injury. The path to getting above .500 is certainly more difficult when he is unavailable.

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