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Bird App Recap: Twins 4, White Sox 3 (10 innings)

That’s so White Sox

I hate to bring up the bad news first, but if you’re reading this, you’re used to it.

Here is your lineup for the evening.

With a few errors, we’ve got runners in scoring position and no outs.

Andrew Vaughn makes it 2-0, with an RBI double.

Alas, nothing gold can stay. The Twins tied it up right away.

Seconded, Buzz.

Lance Lynn did not have the best first inning.

Um ...

Minnesota takes the lead, 3-2.

You know, Tommy isn’t wrong.

Maybe if I start posting mean tweets the White Sox will do something?

Oh, this is a little too on the nose.

Just one, White Sox.

We have a new pitcher in the game and ... well ...

Props to Pablo Lopez, honestly.

It’s a singular run! We’re back in it, friends!

Send your good vibes and well wishes to Luis Robert Jr.

Ties make everyone a little nervous, and maybe a little pessimistic, too.

But in ReyLo we trust, right?

The Sox are cooking! Actual defense! Now we’re on to extras.

Romy González once again struggles at the plate.

For every decent defensive play, the White Sox must end in something stupid. That’s the law.

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