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Sox Pop on the Farm Podcast 42 — Mostly Lenyn, Lane and new-look Charlotte!

Darren Black and Brett Ballantini review the first week-plus of Triple-A action — and wedge in some Loidel Chapelli Jr. content, of course

As a sort of test podcast and video feed, we switched over to a new format for the Sox Populi family of programs, to considerable success in spite of Darren Black losing his camera for a sec and Brett Ballantini not knowing where to look to engage with viewers.

But that backstage nonsense aside, Darren and Brett sat down to talk about the hot (?) Charlotte Knights, who have seen some breakout performances early and, let’s face it, simply have an actual pitching rotation this year.

  • Lenyn Sosa mania! Darren tracks the ascendant middle infielder’s early work in 2023, and what he’s done and needs to keep doing to take the step forward into impact major-leaguer
  • After considerable consternation the Brett’s part, the Knights seemingly have five or more starters — not going deep into games, mind you — but not just an assemblage for bullpen games, as in 2022. Darren traces that evolution, and also finds time to talk a bit of Davis Martin, the best of the Charlotte starters so far
  • Lane Ramsey is also making a bullpen impact, taking the opportunity the White Sox have given him and making the most of it despite being outside the 40-man, looking in
  • The curious case of Loidel Chapelli Jr.’s assignment, and why it was absolutely the right move (correction: neither of us, no one, yet has a clue whether it’s the right move)
  • However, Brett is quick to point out that if not the Luis Robert Jr. track, Chapelli’s assignment to High-A could at least end up being an Oscar Colás track to the majors
  • Mostly, we just want some games below the Triple-A level to not be rained out, for a fuller Sox Pop on the Farm experience next week

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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