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Bird App Recap: Twins 3, White Sox 1

And we’re sinking fast from .500!


To start, here is your White Sox lineup. Get your complaints out now.

Courtney starts us off.

Luis Robert Jr. bats second and goes for extra bases right away, landing on second.

Andrew Vaughn walked, but you know, death, taxes, White Sox stranding runners.

Lucas Giolito actually had a great first inning!

And a second inning!


If only he could get run support from his team. The White Sox once again left runners on.

The Twins decided to make things interesting by hitting the ball out to Gavin Sheets, who tripped over his own feet.

The energy in the ballpark was fully zapped after a terrible HBP. Hopefully, Kyle Farmer is OK.

Ethan Katz headed to the mound to check on Gio, who is certainly distressed after the pitch had gone wrong.

Andrew Vaughn bobbles the ball, making it 1-0, Twins.

The offense isn’t any better, though.

The umps? Also not great.

Meanwhile, it’s 1-0 still as we head to the seventh and Jason Benetti remains my favorite.

Is this the Lucas Giolito edition of the Bird App Recap? Maybe.

But hey, he’s been great! And the earned run will stand despite the fact that it should be an error.

Sadly, our bullpen stays bad (excluding just a few).

Byron Buxton collides with Lenyn Sosa and is called out. But, whew.

While WST seems to be respectful, we can always count on this guy to be insufferable.

Sorry, Casey.

Oh, and it’s 2-0 now.


After a GIDP, Lenyn Sosa is left to keep the White Sox in the game.

The White Sox lost, but at least it wasn’t a shutout.

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