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Bird App Recap: Doubleheader Edition

Two times the fun!

Buckle up. Today we may have two games, but there is only one Bird App Recap. Let’s get the not so great news out of the way first.

Game one. It is PACKED.

The Phillies take an early 1-0 lead in the first.

Just like that, the score is 3-0. It’s going to be a long afternoon.

It’s early in the game and early in the season, but this doesn’t even feel dramatic.

Yeah, I can’t imagine this was pleasant to turn on.

Old friend Josh Harrison twists the knife in the third.

Hey, runners on first and second with no outs to start the bottom of the third!

Five straight hits. We’re back in business.

Now, don’t get too ahead of yourself.

Let’s just hope this trend continues.

It’s 5-4 after three?

Josh Harrison just wanted to roll in the grass while Andrew Benintendi doubled.

Lynn leaves the game after 5 1⁄3 innings. Enter Jimmy.

Made him look a little silly, in fact.

Jimmy Ks Brandon Marsh to get out of the inning.

Jimmy was doing so well.

Josh Harrison two-run home run.

Another old friend has shown up.

Yeah, that didn’t go well.

NOBODY PANIC. Steve Stone ate a churro.

We have that effect on people.

There was one fun inning. The rest of the game has had this vibe.

Top of the ninth. Thanks, Jake.

Say it ain’t so, Lenny. (It is so.)

We’ll see you soon, for the nightcap.

While we’re waiting, enjoy this little tid-bit.

If you didn’t like that, you probably won’t like hearing that Eloy is playing right field.

I hope you’re ready to watch another one, because the Poo Sox are underway.

Big things are happening.

Eloy beat out an infield single. We’re just as shocked as you are.

And then Jake Burger did Rake Burger things.

Let’s just say: Burger hits balls very hard.

And now, a 108 mph ball off of Luis Robert Jr.’s bat. We’re wondering the same thing.

Gio no-hitting the Phillies through four innings got us feeling like.

I hope he’s here to stay.

Giolito is at 86 pitches after five, but he’s yet to give up one of those things called a hit.

With the way the bullpen has been pitching, you might be on to something.

Gio MIGHT be back.

You love to see it.

Look, I didn’t say anything.

Jake Burger draws a walk to start the bottom of the seventh.

I can’t help but not feel great about the last two innings.

I can promise you that no one on this silly little app is shocked.

Romy González is catching line drives in left field like he’s been doing it his whole career.

The White Sox have not scored since the first inning.

We’re heading to the ninth after another Andrew Vaughn fly out. You start to wonder.

Yes, he is. He is also striking out against Reynaldo López for the first out in the ninth.

ReyLo gets the four-out save, White Sox get the split. Goodnight, everyone.

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