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Bird App Recap: Rays 4, White Sox 3 (10 innings)

Will the South Siders ever win again?

How will the White Sox hurt us today? Well, here is the lineup.

Not off to a great start!

Who is this Dylan Cease? Seems like the good Dylan now Ceases to exist.

At least Big Baby Eloy does his part.

Rays kryptonite, Eloy Jiménez.

Do I say nice? Because this is kind of not good.

Oh hey, we’re tied!

We’d probably be up right now, but one person is really not helping.

Cease finally peaced out, going four-plus and racking up 101 pitches.

Dylan Cease finally got pulled, but uh, this is the White Sox.

Meanwhile ...


Gregory Santos, on the other hand ... it’s still somehow 3-2, Rays in the eighth.

I’m just glad someone is having fun.

Romy is, thankfully, out of the game.

Thank goodness! First-pitch swing! And a homer on the road. Tie ballgame!

Like, how?

Even the pups are getting excited. Go, Tuck, Go!

If only the rest of the team would follow his lead instead of chasing every ball.

You know, the relief pitchers actually have been pretty good. Kendall Graveman has a 1-2-3 inning to finish the eighth.

ReyLo is in. The game is tied. My stomach hurts just thinking about it.

That Jake Burger is so hot right now.

Quick redemption. We’ve got free baseball, folks.

Off to an interesting start.

Why? Just why?

Rays win, 4-3.

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