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Bird App Recap: Rays 4, White Sox 1

They lose again. You know the drill

After two brutal walk-off losses, the White Sox have Lucas Giolito on the mound to try to avoid the three-game sweep against the red-hot Tampa Bay Rays.

You know what day it is.

Evergreen question:

Luis Robert Jr. started the game off very nicely with a single. Many were worried he wouldn’t succeed in the leadoff spot, but he quickly proved the haters wrong.

He even advanced to third on a throwing error down to second on a steal attempt.

Some might say he’s back.

Well, even if Luis IS back ... the White Sox are not.

A much more positive Merk update to end the first:

Giolito hits the first batter of the second, and after a subsequent homer, the Rays go up, 2-0. The White Sox continue to assist in breaking terrible records.

Sean is onto something here.

We’re all about the small wins these days.

Seby had made a great play throwing out Randy Arozarena, but a Harold Ramírez bomb to put the Rays up, 4-0, anyways. Many are ready to jump ship.

Your fourth inning, #SoxMath spoilers:

Stop the presses! The Sox are on the board, and it’s 4-1, Rays.

Things are going really well since then, though.

Both offenses have been pretty dead, but at least it’s Dog Day at the park today?

Jake Burger has been a lock at third lately, with a couple, two, tree clutch plays today!

Seven innings today for Lucas Giolito! Please, White Sox, can we get some run support?

Tanner Banks comes in for the eighth and holds down the fort — we simply love to see it. Some runs would be nice, though.

But naturally, the top of the White Sox lineup goes 1-2-3 to drop three straight to the Rays, and giving me absolutely ZERO wins on my birthday weekend. Pretty rude if you ask me, White Sox!

Now on to Toronto ... Joy!!

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