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Bird App Recap: Blue Jays 8, White Sox 0

We’re still posting about this team?

Well, good afternoon. If we are going to be miserable watching this team, we might as well do it together. Will the White Sox lose their seventh consecutive game? Some people are feeling quite optimistic.

Luis Robert Jr. pummels a ball off of the wall ... and gets tagged out oversliding second base.

Seby Zavala tempting fate with pickoff attempts in the second inning.

What made you think this wouldn’t happen?

Afternoon naps are important. The sooner the White Sox disappoint you, the sooner you can get to the those important things.

A two-out Bo Bichette RBI single will allow you to take that nap.

It was fun while it lasted.

Just when you thought Michael Kopech would get out of it with just one run allowed, Vlad Guerrero Jr. hits a two-run double.

Both RBI hits were to right field, and both times Romy González did not handle them cleanly.

I am beginning to think we’re all using sarcasm to cope.

Another two-out, RBI single. Sounds about right.

White Sox runners on first and second with one out in the top of the fifth, but nobody came around to score?

It would seem, this team is not very good.

My people will let your people know, but the early consensus is not looking great.

The White Sox still haven’t scored, through six innings.

I don’t even have words anymore.

Bichette makes it 5-0 with a solo home run.

Jimmy Lambert gives up yet another two-out RBI to Whit Merrifield. We’ve stopped counting how many runs the Blue Jays have scored.

Starting our stages of grief early this year.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

It’s 8-0.

It really does feel like it.

The White Sox are headed home after a 0-6 road trip.

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