Beware of 'Time Theft'

There is a thing in the business world called "Employee Time Theft". This is when employees are paid for unproductive work hours.

One of the specific forms of Time Theft is also known as "Disappearing while on the Job".

It has come to our attention as Sox fans that there is a group of individuals who work for a long-time South Side business organization that are collectively engage in massive Time Theft!

To make matters worse, most of these guys are paid multiple millions of dollars each year! Hard to believe, but true.

To be fair, most of these employees do show up at the start of the work day. But after that... you might as well consider them gone for the day because they don’t seem to do any productive work at all.

Now it must be pointed out that they are employed by a crappy boss. But still, if you are going to take ‘The Man’s’ money like that you really ought to put in a least a little bit of effort while on the job. Or at least do a better job of faking it.

And this form of Time Theft theft has been going on for quite a while now. But you can’t cut these guys salaries or be too tough on them because they have a Union and strong litigators to back them up.

So in short... we have a group of South Side employees readily engaged in massive Time Theft while ‘working’ for a lousy boss.

And the saddest part to the story is that there are customers who depend on these employees and this 'boss'. Much of the customer's physical and mental health depends on this group of individuals to provide much-needed services to the Customer community.

The Human Resources department doesn’t know what to do. The Supervisor doesn’t know what to do. The Boss doesn’t seem to care about the Customers. So the Time Theft goes on.

The Customers are always the forgotten ones. And when the Customers wait for something good to happen from this group of Slackers... it is Customers who are Wasting THEIR Time.

Time Theft. There it is -- in black and white. You can bank (or get a mortgage rate) on that to continue... until someone who has a clue does something about it.

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