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A goose egg

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Since We Last Met: Tampa Bay Rays

Two teams that have only put up goose eggs for the last couple of days

A goose egg, symbolizing futility.
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Just a few days after getting swept by the Rays, and during a spell of some of the worst baseball we’ve seen in years, Tampa Bay comes to the South Side after hitting a bit of a rough patch of their own.

This is a weird, almost home-and-home, with an AL East team, and will be able to bolster the “tough April schedule!” dead-enders, still clinging stubbornly to hope, ignoring that our opponents have such a good winning percentage because ... they’ve gotten to play us.

It’s going to be a cloudy sort of weekend, a mostly-not-warm late April baseball set. I haven’t looked yet, but I am guessing good tickets are still somehow available.

What Have the Rays Been Up To?

Well, it’s only been three games since we saw them, even if it seems like a long slog of scoreless bullshit. Which it was! But there hasn’t been a lot happening.

What is weird is that the Rays have also had a pretty rough stretch. Much like the Sox, they got blanked in back-to-back games, their historic offense falling silent against the Astros. They did win 8-3 on Monday, though.

But between the Sox (24) and the Rays (19), there have been 43 straight scoreless innings. And given the pitching matchup tonight, that streak could continue.

What Are the Pitching Matchups? How Do We Match Up?

Honestly, except for Game 1, which could be a real humdinger on a nice night, not well.

Thursday, April 27
Rays: Shane McClanahan (4-0, 1.86). Interesting stat: 15.1 P/IP
Sox: Dylan Cease (2-0, 2.83) Interesting Stat: 18.3 P/IP

Friday, April 28
Rays: Zach Eflin (3-0. 2.81). Interesting Stat: 0 HPB
Sox: Lucas Giolito (1-2, 4.50) Interesting Stat: 4 HPB

Saturday, April 29
Rays: Yonny Chirinos (0-0, 0.00) Interesting Stat: 9IP, 0 dingers allowed
Sox: Lance Lynn (0-3, 7.52) 26 1⁄3 IP, 7 dingers allowed

Sunday, April 30
Rays: Drew Rasmussen (3-2, 3.33) Interesting stat: 3 Stolen Bases
Sox: SP4 (2-2, 4.81) Interesting Stat: 7 stolen bases

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