Find Another One -- Please!

Charles Comiskey... J. Louis Comiskey... Grace Comiskey... Dorothy Comiskey...

Bill Veeck...

Arthur Allyn Jr.... John Allyn... Jerry Reinsdorf

There they are. These are the precious few men and woman that have controlled the destiny of the Chicago White Sox. And along with that... the hearts and blood-pressure and peace-of-mind of millions of Sox fans over the generations.

And there is ONE true baseball person in that group. One person who has showed great love for the Game and for White Sox Fans. In well-over one hundred years of playing ball on The Great South Side of Chicago. From back before the age of manned flight. From back when Midway and O’Hare Airports were just big empty fields way the hell out of town. From back before two World Wars. From back when Alaska and Hawaii were wild lands controlled by other countries. From back before your parents and grandparents were not even a gleam in someone’s fetching eyes.

And now in this current era of Sox Peril... there is one way to yet save this beloved franchise from itself. For the Great South Side of Chicago. Just one way.

And guess what that is?

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