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The Hybrid Recap: No


Will the White Sox finally break the losing streak, or hit 10 in a row? Let’s all set ourselves up for heartbreak now, just in case the Rays do what they do best.

The White Sox lineup:

And the Rays lineup:

We’ve got some optimism.

And a healthy dose of, “I’ve been burned enough this year.”

Lance Lynn had a mostly clean first, facing just four batters and striking out three. The pitch count was already on the high end, and he walked Wander Franco. But, good overall.

Luis Robert Jr. grimaces, slows down running to first, and is met with a little criticism.

Calvin Faucher has an easy 1-2-3 11-pitch inning. But hey, Tim Anderson is doing something for Charlotte.


Lynn gets through the second, adding two more strikeouts to his total.

We’ve got an early walk in the second, and Jake Burger at the plate to follow.

Burger walks, too.

Whoa, we’ve got a bases-loaded/no-outs situation.


After a two-run single from Elvis Andrus, Faucher is yanked off the mound. There is just one out from Adam Haseley striking out. Yonny Chirinos takes the mound for Faucher.

Romy González strikes out and Oscar Colás comes out to hit for Robert Jr. No dice, so on to the third.

The White Sox made a few changes now that Robert Jr. appears to be out of the game. Lynn ends the inning early with a quick 1-2-3 inning.

A little Robert update as we head into the fifth. No apparent injury, he was just playing like doo-doo.

Meanwhile, Lynn is cooking! Currently sitting at eight Ks through five.

Lance keeps on going! Another strikeout, a quick catch for another out, and a smiling Lynn walking off after Gavin Sheets gloves a ball at the track. We’re heading to the bottom of the sixth, where the White Sox can hopefully drum up some insurance runs.

Andrew Vaughn smacks the ball into left field for a double. The Big Baby brings Vaughn home, picking up a double himself. It’s 3-0, White Sox, if you can believe it.

Lynn is back out for the seventh, but the no-hit bid was disrupted by a Wander Franco home run. Randy Arozarena succumbs to strike 10, walking away bewildered. A gaffe from Sheets and a bad play by Yasmani Grandal make it just a one-run game, and it’s now 3-2, White Sox.

Lynn is pulled with two on after a walk, but is still met with applause after a quality start.

Aaron Bummer takes the mound with one out, two on, and the tying run at third.

Yep, it’s now a tie ball game, and Jackie called it. Lynn is still charged with the run, and no longer qualifies for the win. Laura, I’m with you.

José Siri hits a double, bringing yet another Rays player home, and the Rays take the lead, 4-3, in the top of the seventh.

You know it’s bad when Joe Resis is tweeting things like this:

Some fuzzy friends somehow get through security to walk around right field. They’ve got to be better than Bummer, right? Oh, the bases are loaded and Jimmy Lambert comes in.

Celeste makes an unfortunate, but good point.

You know, he better. This team stinks.

Tale as old as time — ground ball, base hit, two driven in. The White Sox are collapsing in this long seventh inning, as it’s now 6-3. As I typed that, Randy Arozarena went deep for a three-run home run. Now it’s 9-3, and there are still only two outs.

It gets worse! The booth mentions everyone but Josh Lowe has scored in this inning. So Lowe hits a solo home run, and it’s 10-3, Rays.

Isaac Paredes gets a base hit, and Grandal walks out to the mound to give Kenyan Middleton time to loosen up. Lambert gets the last out, and the nightmare seventh inning finally ends.

Even Rays fans feel for the White Sox.

I believe this theory.

Oh, it’s now 11-3.

Jake Diekman is in for the ninth. I’m signing off. This team is just not worth watching and writing about for more than three hours. It’s 12-3. We suck.

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