This is it. Rock bottom for this team. Or we know it isn't, they're just going to sink more and more but the time has come, hell it's past due that we no longer sit down and just passively watch anymore.

After tonight's parkwide chants of "Sell the team" along with other things happening recently like Berto's call going viral (3million+ views across all social media) and the efforts of other sox fans like the ones who raised over 5k in donations to put up a billboard near the park with the clear message of selling the team, now it's time for everyone to do their part.

Sell the team sign

"Right there on 31st and Parnell"

If you are a Sox fan like me and want to see good baseball and not whatever putrid flaming garbage trash that they're doing on the field that you wonder if it even resembles baseball remotely, then it's time for us to step up and take action.

I've thought long and hard on this before if there's anyway a fan can affect their teams outcomes. We as fans just have no control over the team and it's performance and results. But maybe if we all come together in solidarity we can form a major majority that forces the hands of those who do control the team. It's wishful thinking but it's better than nothing. Even if we start doing the smallest things we can try to at least stop sitting down and call for change.

What can we do then as fans? For starters, for every way you can communicate to the outside world, other people, even those that don't care about baseball or sports, start telling them and showing them that Jerry needs to sell the team. Change all your profiles and screennames to be related to selling the team. Change your avatars to have pictures of how pathetic the white sox are or to sell the team. Wear your sox gear outside loud and proud but also combine it with notions to sell the team. Whether you chant it out loud at the game, or bring it up to your friends. Even non baseball people I'll say to them this is what the team looks like. Even they can understand how bad it can get to have a 10 game losing streak, even they can understand how bad a 7-22 record is and not being able to win a single series. And keep explaining it, keep spreading the word.

Steam profile

"Yes, I even changed my Steam Profile"

Share articles, share videos, share tweets to ALL of your friends and family even if they don't care. Today there were countless videos on twitter of the SELL THE TEAM chants and I already linked and showed it as many people as I know as well as spread the link all over my social media and websites.

Aside from spreading the word, we also need to protest and protest loud. If you're near the park, start rallying fellow fans into Sell the team chants. Even if you don't want to go to a game to give Jerry your money anymore, you can buy the cheapest ticket possible just to get in and join in the sell the team chants. I mean those cheap tickets are like 2 bucks by now. People are probably just giving them away. Or maybe during a home stand don't even go in the park, just stay outside and protest out loud and chant sell the team.

If people have more ideas, please feel free to share. This is OUR rallying cry! It's time to get off our chairs and DO SOMETHING FOR OURSELVES AND OUR TEAM. Now is not the time to cower, now is not to time to "be embarrassed to wear sox hat outside". Wear it but more importantly, USE IT.

White Sox fans, what we need to do is make this white sox's historically bad season go viral. Yes you heard me. Just like Berto's call getting notice from people who aren't even sports fans. If we can get even the regular non fans talking about how historically bad this team is or maybe even how ridiculous it is, maybe even make the mainstream media notice it and have the sox be the talk of the city, nay nation, nay WORLD. Then maybe... just maybe Jerry will finally give in. And if not Jerry, then maybe Manfred will be forced to do something as commissioner. Or maybe Hahn will be too humiliated and resign? Or maybe the managers and players will snap and cause their own viral moment on the field. Imagine...

oooooorrrr... maybe this is all just wishful thinking from a desperate fan hoping for any kind of change at all. Maybe we are all just powerless and have no choice but to watch this shitshow continue until god knows what this will end as. Maybe I'm just wanting to vent in a different way but you know what, I truly was inspired by those fans at the park who came probably for the hockey jersey and then let their voices be heard. I want to believe that fans voices can be heard and that change can be enacted. Don't you?

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