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Chicago White Sox v Houston Astros
Yoán Moncada is battering the haters.
Tim Warner/Getty Images

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An unexpected start

The White Sox winning two of four from the champs to start the year? I’ll take it

You know, when we here at South Side Sox talked about the Houston series, none of us were exactly enthusiastic about their chances at coming out with a split. I mean, the Astros are the reigning, defending, undisputed World Champions, so drawing them for opening weekend isn’t ideal.

And that was not helped by the fact that they were able to sign White Sox legend José Abreu this offseason.

But, sometimes things go a bit better than expected.

Somehow, some way, the boys from 35th and Shields were able to take two of four from the Trash Can Symphony. Hell, if they could’ve taken advantage of more of there chances, the White Sox could’ve left Houston with a sweep and made headlines across the baseball media world.

And yeah, I could complain more about the issues that we’ve seen during these first four games, but instead, let’s look at some positives:

  1. If Yoán Moncada and Tim Anderson can keep this up, you’ll be seeing the Chicago White Sox in October, and they might make me look stupid for only predicting them to make the Wild Card and lose in two.
  2. The starting pitching has been mostly good, with Dylan Cease starting where he left off in 2022.
  3. Being able to watch Luis Robert Jr. play center field is something that White Sox fans should cherish.
  4. Opening Day is TODAY!

So for today, let’s just do as Stoney once said and Enjoy the Ride (until the wheels fall off in the fifth inning. Then do as you please, because I sure will.)

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