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Sox Populi on the Farm Podcast 41 — 2023 Kannapolis Cannon Ballers preview

Darren Black and Brett Ballantini talk about the odd roster that’s being trotted out this April

It is a very interesting group of players at Low-A Kannapolis, and by interesting, well, note the word used isn’t intriguing.

But the two most interesting arms from the 2022 draft will be Cannon Ballers, so hey, Darren Black hopped on with Brett Ballantini to discuss them, and some of the other, more imperfect, prospects:

  • Darren defends Noah Schultz from the immediate Randy Johnson comps, while Brett admits he’d be terrified to face a pitcher of Schultz’s size
  • And then, there’s the sneaky 1a draft pick from 2022, plum-pick-until-injury Peyton Pallette. Pallette has been drawing raves already this year, and Darren explains why
  • There is a core of intriguing bullpen arms, including a pair of promising pitchers who aren’t yet sure to be starters or relievers
  • The offense? Well, nine guys per game will go up to hit, that’s for sure
  • Deep thoughts, driven by dummy Brett. The White Sox still have, in technical terms, a really lousy farm system. How long before we can expect to see better records from the affiliates — or is that even important?
  • Brett insults the White Sox front office and has to run off of the podcast to address its hate mail. How they were listening live to this podcast, though ...
  • Also, programming note, Brett had Opening Day down as Thursday for AA-A, then double-checked and somehow found a source that had it wrong. So all the talk about the season opening on Friday, well ... OK, let’s face it, Brett’s a little dim

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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