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Sox Pop on the Farm Podcast 44 — The growing group of impact players

Darren Black and Brett Ballantini review two weeks of team MVPs, stopping to admire a number of prospects taking big steps forward

Darren Black is back off of the IL, joining Brett Ballantini for a run through recent affiliate MVPs, with extra attention paid to a few players who seem to be taking a big step forward in the early going.

  • We start in Charlotte, where Brett wonders why bigger bats like Victor Reyes, Clint Frazier and Oscar Colás were bypassed in favor of Jake Marisnick on the South Side
  • A study of the the unique hitter that is Carlos Pérez
  • Quick check-in on the foreboding news about Davis Martin’s injury
  • A glimpse at the jaw-droppingly great start to Cristian Mena’s season, and how high his fortunes could find him this summer
  • Who is having the more perfect and promise-fulfilling start to 2023, DJ Gladney or Terrell Tatum? (Answer: A tie?)
  • Eschewing Kannapolis for this podcast, we return to Charlotte for discussion of Garrett Crochet, and his present and future prospects

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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