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Toronto Blue Jays v. Chicago White Sox

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Calm down, y’all

We all have our moments, but maybe we should pump the breaks on overreacting to the White Sox

Rob Tringali/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Over the course of this season, there have been ups and downs, mostly downs actually.

The team is underachieving. The manager is learning on the job, and we’ve talked more than enough about the front office.

But a lot of fans have gone to the extremes. One day it’s trade and fire everyone, the next day the division is ours for the taking.

From random fans on social media to Steve Stone, White Sox fans need to relax — me included.

We’ve seen people calling Lance Lynn lazy and fat because he’s gotten off to a bad start. Luis Robert Jr. doesn’t care about baseball and should be traded. Pedro Grifol has to go now. Jake Burger is apparently one the best players in baseball. Seby Zavala should start every day.

Living life like this cannot be good for anyone. A game should not bring high levels of stress, it should offer an escape from the hell that is being an American in 2023.

No, I’m not saying just enjoy the ride. You’re allowed to be mad, happy or whatever you want to be. Hell, the last time I was at a game I left early and gave the team a one finger salute on the way out.

I just want fans to remember that it is just a game that we all love. Don’t let the fact that the team you watch sucks determine your mood for the day.

The last two seasons have helped me realize that other teams exist and are fun to watch, too! Stress-free baseball is the best baseball. I already have high blood pressure — there is no need to allow them to raise it more.

Remember, the season is 162 games, not 17 or 82. We are about a quarter of the way done, and there’s a lot of baseball left. That means that a lot of things can happen. So just relax, and try not to be assholes toward players who hate losing a lot more than me or you.

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