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Shout-out momma Luis and momma Jake!

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Bird App Recap: Astros 4, White Sox 3

Let’s see how the fans are feeling as Houston finishes up in Chicago

Happy Mother’s Day, White Sox fans! We’re back with the best of your tweets for today’s rubber match between the World Champion Houston Astros and your South Siders.

Per tradition, we’ve got some boys in pink and a ballpark with plenty of empty seats.

And already it’s 3-0, Astros, as Lucas Giolito has a less-than-ideal first inning.

But hey, Yoán Moncada is really good at making plays, so that’s something important.

The second inning went much better for Gio, but his pitch count is already higher than you would like.

Welcome back, Jake Burger, as his first at-bat results in a single — the first hit for the team today.

Meanwhile, Kyle Tucker attempts to help the White Sox, with some interesting defense in right.

And then we follow that up by ... allowing Yainer Diaz to hit his first career home run.

But don’t worry folks, Luis Robert Jr. is ON FIRE and sends a ball over the fence to make it a 4-1 game.

Some weirdness happened between Giolito, Seby Zavala and home plate umpire Stu Scheurwater, who issues a pitch clock violation to Gio for ... talking to Seby?

It doesn’t end up mattering, as Gio sits Houston down. But on the Houston side, Hunter Brown is carving the boys up.

But Luis and Jake combine to chase him out with a double and Burger Bomb to trim the lead to 4-3.

And Gavin Sheets makes a spectacular play in right to end the top of the seventh.

And now we have “Tim Anderson hates this place” rumors, and this sums up my feelings on this probably-incorrect lip reading that White Sox Twitter has begun:

And here comes Bummer, who’s pulled after giving up a double to Tucker.

But ReyLo comes in to save them.

And now Yoán gets plunked.

But it means absolutely nothing, as Robert Jr, Sheets and Burger cannot capitalize on the HBP. But at least at the top of the ninth, Tim Anderson made a nice catch.

And the White Sox go out sad in the bottom of the inning, but at least Tim tried. Great catch by Chas McCormick to end the game.

Los Angeles Dodgers 9, Chicago White Sox 6

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