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South Side Sox Player of the Week (May 5-11): Hanser Alberto

Every dog gets his day, and Hot Hands Hanser had a pair of them last week. His 15 minutes of fame begins … now!

Two days in Cincinnati, and two homers for the Sox utility man.

Hanser Alberto grabbed some airtime last week when he helped pile up the hurt on the Reds in a blowout first inning, and cranked another long ball in a close-but-no-cigar loss the night before.

Both home runs were masterfully clocked, and Alberto briefly looked more like Luis Robert Jr. than the occasional starting infielder and pitcher that we’ve come to know and, uh, love.

Most of Alberto’s defensive time has been spent at third base, holding down the fort for Jake Burger, though he’s also played at second and first at times this season.

Some may call him a poor substitute for the former Sox utilityman Leury García, Hanser has certainly been … adept. Now in his eighth MLB season, he has played for three teams in three years and has yet to settle in.

For now, though, Alberto has his moment in the sunny pages of South Side Sox.

2023 South Side Sox Players of the Week

Oscar Colás (February 25-March 2)
Andrew Vaughn (March 3-8)
Carlos Pérez (March 9-16)
Oscar Colás (March 17-22)
Cactus League MVP: Oscar Colás
Dylan Cease (March 30-April 5)
Luis Robert Jr. (April 6-12)
Lucas Giolito (April 13-20)
Jake Burger (April 21-27)
Lucas Giolito (April 28- May 4)
Hanser Alberto (May 5-11)

Top 10 MVP Standings

Lucas Giolito (41.1)
Jake Burger (26.6)
Seby Zavala (21.2)
Luis Robert Jr. (20.9)
Oscar Colás (17.1)
Zach Remillard (16.4)
Andrew Vaughn (14.5)
Andrew Benintendi (12.0)
Carlos Pérez (8.8)
Hanser Alberto (8.6)

Top 10 Cold Cat Standings

Yasmani Grandal (-19.7)
Yoán Moncada (-16.1)
Aaron Bummer (-13.6)
Alex Colomé (-11.8)
White Sox Offense (-10.0)
Tim Anderson (-9.9)
Keynan Middleton (-9.2)
Jake Marisnick (-8.9)
Declan Cronin (-8.1)
Tristan Stivors (-7.9)
Joe Kelly (-7.5)

Dylan Cease, for the first time at least since the start of 2022, has dropped out of our MVP Top 10. And for those of you who had Tim Anderson (!) entering the Cold Cats list to knock off Joe Kelly (!!), congratulations, you’ve bankrupted Vox, collect your winnings.

Writer Standings

Joe Resis, by virtue of being all of two games better than .500, reclaims the top spot, while compatriot in Indy Chrystal O’Keefe makes her way out of the cellar. Meanwhile, Ryiin extends what surely is a futility record to begin a coverage career, with seven straight losses and counting.

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