What Do You Really Want, Sox Nation?

Lately, many members of Sox Nation have been weighing in with good observations about the current state of the ball club and franchise, as well as a healthy dose of airing grievances about the Team, Ownership, and Management.

A great majority of Sox Nation wants to see new Ownership and a fresh direction for this franchise as soon as possible.

But apart from the obvious... getting new Owners committed to (South Side) Chicago and to bettering the team... building a stronger farm system... learning how to stay away from player injuries (for a change)...

What do YOU want to see for the Chicago White Sox in the future?... both near-term and long term. Anything big or small?

For me, I would like to see the Sox work to develop a much more interesting neighborhood around the ballpark. Destination-type places to go even when there is no game that day like are found in other cities. The Sox have been in that location for ages and the neighborhood has mostly changed by simply bulldozing homes to build the park in its current location. Lots of parking lots and the Ryan and lots of car exhaust perfume. Is that a hot tourist destination to sell to out-of-town visitors?

And one day... a better ball park itself instead of how the current park came to be and all the tinkering it has had to undergo to make it palatable. Getting the park designed the design right from the beginning. Maybe South Loop or near Southwest Side along the Orange Line somewhere.

I would like to see the Sox continue to build on the Cuban Connection and the great ball talent coming out of that island. (And I want to see Palm Trees around the ball park grounds. Seriously! You can do that with heat coils and proper tree shielding in the harsh months).

I would like to see the long-running Cold War that the Sox Leadership has had with fans change from hostility and ignoring or discounting fans to new Sox Leadership that cares about fans and one that can re-build that fundamental relationship to a much better and respectful atmosphere. Imagine that. Sox Ownership and fans getting along and being respected both ways! A true miracle!

And I want to see a statue for Jose Abreu somewhere in a prominent ballpark location. That man was a warrior for the Sox and he gave everything he had to the club. A true professional and club leader.

As we gaze upon the Sox to slowly climb their way back up the big mountain and into Playoff contention in a weak division.. we can still find time to make dreams about the future, right?

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