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Visiting Dugout Episode 16 — Cleveland Guardians

Chrystal O’Keefe talks to Imari McPherson

The White Sox travel to Cleveland to face the Guardians for the two teams’ second series matchup of the season. The last round was good for the Pale Hose, winning a rare series, but they also didn’t face Sox-killer José Ramírez, and only saw Josh Naylor for one game.

This time around, Imari McPherson sits with me in the Visiting Dugout:

  • Somber vibes and hard times in Cleveland
  • When will Triston McKenzie return, and will he be the same?
  • The revolving door of injured pitchers and rookies
  • Farm report
  • The biggest threat, fears, and the keys to winning the series
  • Around the league

Find Imari on Twitter, over at Pitcher List, and follow along with Rocking at the Jake Podcast and Bleav in Guardians.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

or follow along with every episode at Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or wherever you consume your podcasts. Or, you can watch the podcast on the Sox Populi YouTube channel.

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