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Bird App Recap: Guardians 3, White Sox 0

Oh, look! A goose egg!

The White Sox are in Cleveland tonight. The question of who would start today was brought up yesterday, and Jimmy Lambert is the guy.

Quick vibe check before we get started. I don’t know how I feel about any of this.

Replacements have arrived.

I know I don’t enjoy this.

Jimmy has himself a clean first inning.

Lambert’s night was ... short.


His name is Jesse Scholtens.

Apparently there were casualties in the second inning.

Wild pitch offense works in Cleveland’s favor, for the first run of the game.

Neither have done anything through three innings, but interesting stat to say the least.

No, this is a man with a 6.86 ERA who’s faced the minimum through three.

Steven Kwan gets doubled off after Andrew Benintendi makes a snag in left.

Then, he hits a double to get the offense going with one out.

It was not. He popped out to end the inning.

Just a reminder Lambert only pitched one inning, but in the end it doesn’t even matter.

Yaz is not a happy camper.

No runs for the Good Guys after five innings.

Cleveland only has one run, so.

We hit five home runs off of Hunter Gaddis last season. Zero tonight.

We’re asking nicely.

Scholtens is a real dude and he has pitched five innings of one run ball.

I love strikeouts looking. ESPECIALLY when the pitch has the entire plate. Maybe our catcher needs glasses.

Pedro Grifol puts Gregory Santos in to play the matchup, and it does not work in his favor. Cleveland is up, 3-0.

Eight innings and no runs for the White Sox. I am bored.

He may have three strikeouts tonight, but he did make a nice play to get the second out in the bottom of the eighth.

That was unfun.

See you tomorrow, friends.

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