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Bird App Recap: The Romy Game part deux

In Romy we trust

We Heart Romy

Welp. See you all tomorrow.

You wish.

AL Central baseball, let’s do this!

The White Sox are 1-7 this season when facing a left-handed starting pitcher.

Lefty Logan Allen takes the bump for the Guardians.

Meanwhile, the White Sox continue to get healthy, but will they continue to be bad at baseball?

Tune in at five and find out!

Let's go!

Allen needed eight pitches and a nifty catch in right to put the Sox down in order.

Tim Anderson working the leather, 1-2-3 for Cease as well, but Allen retires the first six Sox in order.

I’m not even sure that it’s possible to swing at more pitches than the 2023 White Sox do.

Nine up, nine down for the Guardians' lefty

White Sox fans Guardians fans

Logan Allen might no-hit this White Sox offense

I can see why they all think so.

Will Brennan takes Cease deep, but thankfully no birds were hurt this time

Cancel the post-game show, but outside of the Luis Robert single?


TA with the great play to save Dylan at least one run.

Dylan Cease also has this going for him

This explains why the Sox look ill-prepared at the plate this evening

I thought that Guardians' base running looked familiar ...

Whatever works. Absolute missile by Grandal ties it, 1-1

Yasmani Grandal appreciation stopover.

After an hour and ten minutes, we are halfway through six in Cleveland.

Two runs and eight hits combined for the two squads.



Vaughn boots one bad, but Romy bails him out. Unfortunately, Dylan follows by giving up an RBI Double. 2-1 Guardians after seven.

After some defensive challenges for Cleveland, Sox once again get a big hit from who else?

Romy Gonzalez!

Cleveland’s defense doesn’t help the Sox out any further, but Sox grab the 4-2 lead.

It’s all about expectations really.

Joe Kelly comes up lame after fielding a ground ball. Feels very on-brand for the Sox.

Staying in the game after some warm-ups to give up a triple to José Ramírez.

Joe Kelly gets Naylor to ground out to Romy, ending the threat, but I can’t stop watching this squirrel. Still 4-2 White Sox.

Jake Burger with the rare 0-5 with five strikeouts, game.

Pardon ...

Luis Robert leaves before the bottom of the ninth after awkwardly fielding a ball.

Graveman walks the lead-off man, but Tim Anderson is having himself a game tonight.

Sox win.

Take that Guardians!