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Sox Pop on the Farm Podcast 45 — Do the White Sox know what they’re doing? (minors edition)

On the heels of Davis Martin’s season-ending injury, Darren Black and Brett Ballantini take an honest look at the pluses and minuses of the club’s farm philosophy

Given that the White Sox have again been exposed for a significant lack of upper-minors depth, Darren Black answers a number of questions from Brett Ballantini that center on the organization’s philosophy regarding the minors, how things have improved (or gotten worse), and the overall outlook for this batch of young players.

  • As easy as it is to talk about what’s wrong, we started out with what’s right about the White Sox and their approach to the draft and minors. Yes, there was something positive, but no, it was not inspiring
  • A key flaw in how the White Sox have approached the draft and their minors: The “filling a need”/fantasy baseball philosophy
  • When the playing field is even, the White Sox are exposed as one of the worst organizations in the majors
  • All that said, Darren is significantly more optimistic about the direction of things under Mike Shirley
  • A Chris Getz assessment (or: How Loud Will Darren Howl if Getz replaces Rick Hahn?)

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