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White Sox Reacts Survey: Rick Hahn gets a D-minus

Not even a quarter of voters think the GM has been average or better

The grades are in. See us after class, Rick.

Well, again, no huge surprises that we feel Rick Hahn has done a below-average job. The skew so far below average, with essentially three-quarters of voters awarding a D or F, is eye-opening:

The broader, national questions took on cheating in the game, and the answers are pretty fascinating.

Sign-stealing is as old as time, of course. That 10% at the bottom represent the purest or most willfully-ignorant of fans!

Is that AJ Hinch in the photo? What a sanctimonious scumbag. And to think some of you wanted him to manager here.

Tech does seem to a be a true line-crossing move. And though not specified, “tech” really should include outside help like a spotter in the stands (or scoreboard, like the dirty New York Giants who “won the pennant” seven decades ago).

This was a bit of a weird question, but it’s hard not to punt it. The wording here for the most popular answer is sort of a shoulder-shrug, but I’d interpret as between the lines, OK, outside the lines, bad. But the “all is bad” 35% doesn’t really sync with the question above.

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