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Bird App Recap: White Sox 7, Angels 3

The Romy González game

It’s time to bounce back against Ohtani & Co. Let’s see how Pedro puts them out there.

It’s also a very special night at the park, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Night. Go read Janice’s amazing article.

Yet the White Sox never allow things to just stay good.

Thankfully, the Boys turned it around quickly with a single-patty Burger.

And another.

But wait, here is one more to tie it up.

The top of the second got a little scary.

We’re back to bad baseball fundamentals as Andrew Vaughn tries to slide into second and failed miserably.

Ohtani puts the Angels ahead with a solo home run.

Lucas Giolito reaches 70 pitches in the fourth, and a hit brings Hunter Renfroe in.

This fan base is tired of sucking.

Luis Robert Jr. gets another double!

A bloop from Eloy Jiménez after some bad defense puts runners at first and third.

Then Yoán Moncada drew a walk to load the bases for Andrew Vaughn with no outs. And just like that, on the first pitch, Vaughn pops a three-run double. The Good Guys now lead, 4-3, in the fourth.

The hits keep coming, as Romy González puts one down to send Vaughn home. It’s 5-3. Just kidding! Romy steals third and the Angels can’t contain the ball. It’s 6-3. Whew. Don’t stop now, boys.

Sorry Celeste :(

Seby Zavala is making Tyler Anderson work on the mound. (But the AB ends in the second out in the fourth.)

That was a fun inning. Off to the fifth.

Let’s see what’s going on in Charlotte tonight.

Burger gets on base, and Robert does too, yet again.

I think I’ve seen this film before. (Double-play!)

Will the White Sox pull off a hat trick?


Just a little update.

It seems like everyone is having a great night.

Andrew Vaughn gets another double.

Kendall Graveman comes in and quickly allows two on — but also two out. Oh, and near the top of the order again.

Take it away, Giant!

The series is tied. Get some rest, White Sox fans. Quick turnaround,

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