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Sox Pop on the Farm Podcast 46 — Promotion is the motion

Darren Black and Brett Ballantini discuss the likely promotions ahead for affiliate players — as well as those who should stick right where they are

This week, Brett Ballantini grills Darren Black on the players who are soon due (or well overdue) for promotions. Alternately, we discuss some players who should have already moved up, but instead are stuck in place trying to figure out a next gear.

  • First, a cursory rundown of the past few weeks of MVPs, including the likes of DJ Gladney and Connor McCullough who should have been promoted already
  • Darren shares his “key stat” for determining progress in the minors
  • The most obvious upward movement in the system appears to be at first base, where DJ should be moving up to Birmingham and Tim Elko to Winston-Salem
  • Why a pause on a player like Terrell Tatum would be wise, in spite of his obvious outclassing of his level through two months
  • The José Rodríguez conundrum, trading contact for power but now beginning a slow-start trend that could torpedo his career
  • Quick speed round, just for laughs: Who is the “next man up” into the White Sox rotation from Charlotte (or Birmingham), if necessary? The answers will shock and horrify, and not because Brett and his Wiffleball frisbee throws his hat in the ring

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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