Where Is Sox Pride and Professionalism?

Yes, Pride and Professionalism. The 2023 White Sox are seriously deficient (to say the least) in both of these key life and sports competition skills. Not to mention basic necessities for an entertainment business supposedly trying to draw customers and general interest and be a success at its craft.

The Sox play baseball like they are in a walking trance. Or maybe just sleepwalking. They go through the motions. Frequently, they play ball like they are going to the dentist for a root canal.

They play poor, low-energy baseball. But they do one thing very well — getting hurt and taking up residence on the Disabled List. And another thing... Sox starting pitchers who love throwing batting practice during live games to the Opposition. And giving up long homers that almost reach into Northwest Indiana.

Where is the energy on this ball club? Is there any – except for them checking bank apps on payday? Is it a basic requirement to play on the Sox ball club that you must be a low-energy player who refuses to show any useful enthusiasm or look like you care?

Of course, all we get from Sox management and their many Media apologists are excuses and a great ability to overlook problems and certainly never speak of them. While they cash their checks as ‘analysts’ and check out the salad bar.

There is rot at the heart of this organization. It’s been there for years. And there remains a question of whether they even care too fix this instead of just tanking the franchise in Chicago deliberately. Which to my mind is an ongoing serious possibility.

They are doing a great disservice to the outstanding ball players who’ve played for the Sox in the past. Luke... Looey... Nellie... Billy... Frank... Mark... Paulie... Jose... and others. And they are disrespecting Sox fans again and again and again.

A chronically weak farm system. Free agents who avoid the franchise. Young players with promise that never seem to come close to fulfilling that promise.

And fans who still love the franchise and who beg for a better day to shine on the Great South Side of Chicago.

Want to see a different kind of baseball on the South Side? Head over to One Stadium Plaza in Gary to watch the RailCats. Those guys might not be Major Leaguers. But at least they care enough to try to play good baseball and get better and make it to the Bigs... instead of players who are already there and don’t seem to give a crap about that.

Hey White Sox... am I being too hard on you? Prove it. Start to look like Major League players who care about what you are doing on the field. Might be refreshing to try.

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