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Sox Populi Podcast 145 — The White Sox are hot!

Chrystal O’Keefe, Dante Jones and Ryiin join Brett Ballantini to dive into the madness of five wins in seven games — and the gangster getup

Ryiin, Dante Jones, Chrystal O’Keefe and Brett Ballantini looked straight into the eyes of great fortune (wins in five of seven games) and tried to imagine whether it could last. Pluse, what’s the deal with that home run celebration?

  • Chrystal, fresh from a mini-trip to Cincinnati for the one loss of the weekend that ended in her not even scoring a Funko Pop for her aunt, gives us the skinny on the Great American Ballpark. Verdict? Great park for families, and an eminently decent park overall
  • What do we believe, the team we’ve seen for a month that is REALLY LOUSY, or this one over the past week that is playing at a division-winning clip? We all managed to avoid inhaling too much laughing gas
  • The injury train keeps rolling, and the group tries to cure what ails the White Sox. Unfortunately, that points more to the front office’s poor roster construction than anything the actual players are falling short over
  • The White Sox turn back the clock to a time before Michael Jordan, deigning to have Chicago embraced again for Al Capone and organized crime, not dynasties. OK, while not overreacting to the “Gangster” celebration, we do think there are other directions the team could have taken
  • And in a spontaneous final round, we speculate on what the sponsor patch (presuming any company ponies up the surely low, low patch rental price) will be once the White Sox adorn them. Four different answers, and not all of them are a down arrow!

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