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Sox Populi Podcast 147 — Tearing down the rebuild

Malachi Hayes, Ryiin, Dante Jones and Tommy Barbee join Brett Ballantini to make the “tough” calls regarding this failed White Sox roster

Tommy Barbee, Malachi Hayes, Ryiin, Dante Jones and Brett Ballantini took a hard look through the looking glass into the future to decide how this failed White Sox roster will transform in the coming weeks:

  • There are just two teams worse than the White Sox, and the team projects as a 98-loss club currently, in case you are seduced by being just 6 1⁄2 games out of first place
  • On that note: Memories of the White Flag Trade
  • A “speed round” of evaluating the coming contract options, free agents ... and Yoán Moncada
  • Is Jerry looking to slash costs?
  • The range of opinions seems to be Malachi’s no-moves/ride it out to Tommy’s FIRE SALE
  • The ONE most significant move the team will make this season

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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