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Bird App Recap: Marlins 5, White Sox 1

Great, we suck again!

The last few games haven’t been soul-crushing, so maybe the White Sox are at least halfway back. A late win against the Marlins last night was refreshing, so let’s try for another today.

Here’s to some positive vibes!

Uh-oh. Not a great start when fans can’t get in efficiently.

But it’s beach day, and these two are looking pretty cool.

OK, quiet. It’s game time.

Kopech has a rough start, but finished the first inning strong after hitting the first two batters in a row.

Yoán Moncada makes a beautiful double play to keep the Marlins off the board in the second.

The third inning might’ve been lackluster for the players, but a special surprise brought joy to many.

Andrew Vaughn finally put the Sox on the board in the fourth.

While Michael Kopech shut the Marlins down in the fifth.

Kopech didn’t return for the sixth, as he had a high pitch count, pitching through plenty of traffic. But the defense had his back, leaving seven Marlins on base, and didn’t allow anyone to cross home plate. All that to say, he’s been great lately.

But there is one player offering absolutely nothing.

Andrew Vaughn took a nasty hit to the elbow, and while it was not on purpose, we still don’t like it.

Friends, it’s the seventh inning and I’m a little bored.

Gregory Santos shuts down the hottest bat on the Marlins, so naturally, this question starts floating around.

It’s true though. This was only the 12th strikeout for Luis Arráez this season.

Reynaldo López steps in for the 30th time this season to take care of the one out needed to end the seventh.

ReyLo provided a good scare and some drama, but eventually got the out, stranding two.

It’s still 1-0, so let’s cross our fingers, wish upon a shooting star, or whatever you do for good luck. Kidding, the White Sox gave us three easy outs and a little teaser from Gavin Sheets.

Just bad luck.

Off to the eighth.

Give the fans what they want!

Elvis Andrus successfully bunts???

Joe Kelly, the game is on the line.

Welp. The bases are loaded with no outs.

Easiest play of the day? Nah. E6! The game is tied and bases are still loaded with no outs.

And just like that, we suck again.

Especially when Joe Kelly blows it in the ninth. Marlins are up by two now.

Is Pedro Grifol awake? I thought this was a thing of the past.

The inning is finally over, but the Marlins scored five times. The deficit feels like 100 rather than four runs.

Quick turnaround, friends. Get some rest. Or better yet, go out and have some fun instead of watching this team.

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