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Visiting Dugout Episode 22 — Los Angeles Dodgers

Chrystal O’Keefe talks to AJ Gonzalez about our first stop on the West Coast trip

The White Sox lost the Marlins series with two of three of the more embarrassing losses of the last few years. Now Chicago is off to Los Angeles to start a West Coast road trip, starting with the Dodgers. AJ Gonzalez of Dodger Blue and REMEZCLA joined the show to chat about his team and the upcoming series.

  • The good and bad surprises going down in the National League West
  • A light razzing of the Padres
  • What’s going on in LA?
  • Who is the team’s current MVP, and who could be on the trading block?
  • Remembering the great Vin Scully with a special moment for AJ
  • A round of questions from Twitter asking about trades, how deep the minor league system is, if the Dodgers ownership would like to buy the White Sox, and general Mookie Betts appreciation
  • Series matchup and pitching breakdowns
  • Why can’t [redacted] join his friend [redacted] in Japan?
  • Fears, threats, and the keys to win the series
  • Around the league with AJ’s thoughts

Find AJ on Twitter and over at Dodger Blue and REMEZCLA.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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