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Chrystal O’Keefe: Our girl wears it well.
Chrystal O’Keefe/South Side Sox

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Meet the Players: Chrystal O’Keefe

The Queen of South Side Sox

Chrystal O’Keefe is the absolute Queen of South Side Sox! She literally carries us, with 25.3% of our White Sox game coverage. Many nights you can find her on both our Six Pack of Stats and Bird App Recap. She also, of course, writes specialized stories and columns highlighting important topics. There’s really nothing this woman can’t do. We’re so lucky to have her!

Hometown: Indianapolis

How and when did you join SSS? I joined in the summer of 2020 after Brett reached out about a piece I wrote on how I became a White Sox fan.

What is your favorite type of coverage at SSS? I wish I could say it’s something fun, but there is something cathartic about covering the hard stuff. If I have a voice and a platform, I’m going to use it to shine a light on some of the bad things (like the Brian Ball lawsuit) but also report on the good (like mental health awareness and Pride Night).

Favorite current White Sox player: This probably changes every single day, but I’ve been defending Michael Kopech’s pitching for years now. Jake Burger is up there as well because he’s an all-around great person that has overcome so much in his life and absolutely crushes baseballs.

If you could have any job in baseball, what would it be and why? Owner of the Chicago White Sox.

White Sox fan since: I’m a baby fan! I started watching and rooting for them in 2019. Never a stranger to them, but my heart was elsewhere for too long.

First White Sox memory: This isn’t my first memory, but instead, one of my favorites. I went to see them play on my birthday. It was cold and rainy despite it being in June. I bought a hat, sat in the outfield, and decided that day that this will be my team.

Favorite White Sox memory: That time that I went to a White Sox game in my wedding dress instead of having a typical wedding reception.

Favorite White Sox player ever: Sticking with someone in my lifetime, so I’ll say Mark Buehrle.

Next White Sox statue: Jerry will commission someone to build a statue in his will.

Next White Sox retired number: Retire No. 79. Abreu had his best years in Chicago and did so much for the organization and fans.

Go-to concession food at Sox Park: Churros!

Favorite Baseball Movie: Moneyball

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