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Bird App Recap: Dodgers 5, White Sox 1

Sell the team, Jerry

Was there any drama on Twitter today? I’m sure it was chill and the White Sox are totally fine as they begin this series with the Dodgers. Here is a peek at the lineup.

L.A. homies have checked in.

Lance Lynn, nearing the 20-pitch count, gives up two runs.

Will fans stay up for this late-night slaughter?

Make that four.

Lance sits in the 40s in the second inning.

That being said, Lance isn’t the only one to blame.

The guys seem to be trying, and Lance has calmed down. But it’s still 4-0 in the sixth.

There is just nothing good in this game. This team is asleep at the plate.

There is also a very stark difference in how these teams are operated.

Friends, this is not good.

This is fine. Everything is going to be fine fine fine.

Hmm. Jerry Reinsdorf is trending on Twitter. But we have this, and it’s 5-0, Dodgers.

Time to rally!

No real rally. Just bad.

Can’t believe I stayed up way after midnight for this team. See you tomorrow.

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