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Bird App Recap: Mariners 3, White Sox 2

Don’t worry, we’re only 11 games under .500 now

New city, a new team, and a rookie pitcher on the mound for the Mariners. Let’s see if the White Sox can steal a few games. Here is how they boys will run out there tonight.

Unfortunately, it’s on AppleTV+.

There is a little hometown connection tonight, though.

We’re off! To a less than ideal start.

Neither team had a chance to score in the first. Hopefully, they’ll do better, because there is a lot on the line.

Getting tired of this already.

Not to alarm anyone, but Tim Anderson has reached first base! Then he stole second!

But don’t let this team fool you.

Thankfully, we aren’t the only team that struggles with RISP.

The White Sox have scored!

Michael Kopech has been struggling all game, and finally gives up a run to tie the game. There is life in the bullpen as he reaches 96 pitches and issued his fifth walk of the night.

The bases are loaded as Kopech gives up his sixth walk, and Tanner Banks steps in with just one out.

Tanner Banks strikes out one and tosses our old friend AJ Pollock a pop fly to end the inning and strand all three baserunners.

And the broadcast isn’t terrible?

Are you sitting down? OK, good. Andrew Benintendi just hit a home run! Yes, that Andrew.

Dick bullied Benintendi into a homer, so I’ve asked him to work on Tim Anderson.

Ty France evens the score, but Seby Zavala’s defense kept the Mariners to just one run in the inning.

Unfortunately, nothing gold can stay. The Mariners take the lead.

The White Sox give up two bases, with an E-5 and E-6 on the same play.

Paul Sewald takes the Sox down in an easy 1-2-3 inning, and it’s game over.

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