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Mitch Ransdell/South Side Sox

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South Side Sox Player of the Week (June 8-14): Lucas Giolito

Frosty whips up a winning record (and makes some team history) as the season rolls on to a predestined end

Lucas Giolito stitched together another masterpiece last week, throwing six innings of no-hit baseball. He did the same back in April, making him the first hurler in franchise history to accomplish the feat twice in a single season.

In his seventh year wearing the Old English, the former All-Star also leads the White Sox rotation in wins. But though Giolito’s campaign has been sturdy and reliable, it’s been jilted by a gaping offensive vacuum. The lack of vim and vigor with the lumber, partnered with the sabotage and indifference of White Sox upper management, has distracted from individual player achievements.

Now, there are a few inevitabilities in Chicago: Crumbling bridges, corrupt politicians, and fat-cat jagoffs driving baseball teams into the ground. This season was over before it began.

Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic here. You know the old axiom: Anything can happen in baseball. The White Sox could finish this season with an even-keeled record. They could even make the playoffs.

But I regret to inform you that it’s only June. The trade deadline is still weeks off, and a lot of baseball lies ahead. This team’s saving grace lies in the boundlessly abysmal performance of this year’s Central Division.

And if the Sox do make a turnaround, it’ll be thanks to the grit and determination of professionals like Lucas Giolito.

2023 South Side Sox Players of the Week

Oscar Colás (February 25-March 2)
Andrew Vaughn (March 3-8)
Carlos Pérez (March 9-16)
Oscar Colás (March 17-22)
Cactus League MVP: Oscar Colás
Dylan Cease (March 30-April 5)
Luis Robert Jr. (April 6-12)
Lucas Giolito (April 13-20)
Jake Burger (April 21-27)
Lucas Giolito (April 28- May 4)
Hanser Alberto (May 5-11)
Luis Robert Jr. (May 12-18)
Michael Kopech (May 19-25)
Liam Hendriks (May 26-31)
Andrew Benintendi (June 1-8)
Lucas Giolito (June 9-14)

Top 10 MVP Standings

Lucas Giolito (51.3)
Luis Robert Jr. (31.1)
Michael Kopech (25.3)
Seby Zavala (22.5)
Romy González (22.4)
Gavin Sheets (18.1)
Oscar Colás (17.1)
Zach Remillard (16.4)
Jake Burger (16.1)
Andrew Benintendi (15.0)

Top 10 Cold Cat Standings

Tim Anderson (-44.3)
Joe Kelly (-23.3)
Yoán Moncada (-20.3)
Yasmani Grandal (-15.8)
Aaron Bummer (-15.1)
Kendall Graveman (-13.4)
Alex Colomé (-11.8)
Everyone, Seriously, Everyone (-10.5)
White Sox Offense (-10.0)
Lance Lynn (-8.6)
Keynan Middleton (-8.6)

Lucas is starting to get a stranglehold on 2023’s Player of the Year, but that said, it’s not a runaway as we’ve seen in previous years. Heads-up for next week, note that now-South Side hero Zach Remillard has a 16.4-point head start in the MVP race, going back to Spring Training.

Writer Standings

With Ryiin having lost eight straight to open the season, it seems impossible that someone could supplant they in the coverage basement. But Melissa Sage-Bollenbach, despite at one time hovering at .500 or even better, has now done just that. Meanwhile, Tommy Barbee and Brett Ballantini and encroaching Joe Resis’ near-yearlong placement atop the board.

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