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Bird App Recap: Mariners 5, White Sox 1

History served, with a side of losing

Well, hello there! It has been some time since I have been behind the keyboard. It appears nothing has changed during my short time away, so my expectations for today’s rubber match remain low.

I won’t lie, this lineup is so confusing.

I am not going to question anything, because Pedro appears to be getting irritated.

Some things never change, but I would really like a change in the booth.

Not only was it a clean inning, there were two strikeouts!

I don’t know what is going to happen in the future, but for the first three outs of the game, you were not, Ryiin.

Then 2 2⁄3 innings later, and I have some unfortunate news for you all.

So, it’s 2-0 Mariners, no big deal. Our offense is killer, right? RIGHT? No.

What the Exploding Scoreboard said.

Everyone say, “Thank you, highest paid free agent in White Sox history.”

We’re laughing with you, if it helps.

Would be a shame if the offense decided not to make a comeback.

This is good, right?

A quick note from me to Lance.

It appears Pedro wants to tempt fate.

Breaking news: Lance Lynn has tied the franchise record with 16 strikeouts.

Don’t even try to understand because as soon as you think you’ve cracked the code, you have to start over.

A bunt single ends Lynn’s historic afternoon.

All this tells me is that Lance REALLY likes pitching against the Mariners.

Reynaldo López walks two with two outs to load the bases and suddenly it’s 5-1.

Not to put salt on the wound, but the bases-clearing triple was hit by Jared Kelenic.

I hate to agree with you.

The White Sox lose, and drop a second series in heartbreaking fashion. Truly, 2016 was more fun than this season.

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