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Bird App Recap: Rangers 6, White Sox 3

Back to being really bad again

With a last-minute lineup change, Yasmani Grandal is scratched due to knee soreness. This is how Pedro puts the White Sox out there to end the series with the Rangers.

Tonight is also Pride Night!

I’m a little envious of those in attendance, not for the product on the field, but for the fun experiences and feeling of inclusivity.

Eloy Jiménez knocks Luis Robert Jr. in, and it’s 1-0 as we head into the second.

Michael Kopech kept the Rangers down for the first two innings, but gave up a hit in the third. Nathaniel Lowe hits an RBI double, but Kopech ends the inning with a strikeout to avoid any additional runs.

Luis Robert Jr. does his best to leap and steal a home run ball, but can’t glove it. The Rangers take the lead, 3-1, in the fourth.

Southpaw is really feeling it tonight.

Kopech exits the game without any explanation. (And no jam to be cleaned up.)

Jonah Heim pulls a Taylor Swift by dressin’ for revenge with a three-run blast in the fifth off Jimmy Lambert. It’s now 6-1.

We have another White Sox debut tonight.

This game is exhausting.

I’m exhausted.

A solo home run brings the White Sox to within four, thanks to Andrew Vaughn.

We’re back to bunting. Seby did get a sac fly after that to get Clint Frazier home, making it 6-3.

At least one person is having a good night.

Touki is back in for the ninth, saving the bullpen, but also making it to Pitching Ninja.

A 1-2-3 inning keeps the Rangers off of the board.

Sadly, his team couldn’t help him out at all tonight, even with a steal.

Shouldn’t have made Jonah Heim mad last night.

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