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Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers

South Side Sox Crossword Puzzle

Because your brain needs something to do besides reading White Sox news

The answer to 1 down.
| Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Happy Thursday, White Sox fans. I figured you’d need a distraction from all of the White Sox drama going on right now.

Typical, right? Just when there’s something to write about, here’s a clever and well-thought-out crossword puzzle from yours truly.

Hear me out, White Sox fans — it’s better than the actual White Sox news, which is completely saturated and dripping with shit. My brain matter requires more mere days after a four-day weekend than reading about how a talented sports journalist was let go for pondering something that was completely within his rights to publish.

Aside from that, I was able to spend some time on White Sox Twitter yesterday, and you guys are talking about mundane shit that isn’t baseball because you can’t take it anymore, either, can you? Exactly.

If you’re on mobile, want a larger version, possess a desire to print this and write on it with a pen, or want the answer key, please click here for the ability to do all of those things.

The White Sox probably lost last night, right? Does it matter? Anyway, here’s a crossword.


2. “I think it’s time for another _______.”

7. The best sports blog on SB Nation.

9. What Ricky’s Boys did.

11. The White Sox were originally known as the Sioux City ______ .

12. Pitcher who struck out 16 and still lost.

17. Being a White Sox fan is _________.

18. Should be fired from his job as GM.

20. What the White Sox did after a 5-1 lead last week in the eighth inning.

22. Jerry Reinsdorf should _____ ___ ____.

24. Eloy Jiménez is known for waving at the camera while yelling, “__ ___!”

25. Holy shit, my dad would do a better job managing this shitty _____.


1. A meat patty sandwich, or Jake.

3. Former manager, fell asleep during the first inning.

4. Several White Sox players are hoping to be _____.

5. Most recent White Sox player to have his number retired.

6. Yeah, the White Sox are bad, but at least we’re not the ______.

7. Another word for socks.

8. “Yeah, the White Sox will lose, but I don’t care because I only came to the game for the ________.”

10. Sometimes I feel the urge to buy a little cottage in Door County and become a ________ fan.

13. The number of World Series titles won by the White Sox.

14. The 1919 World Series was also known as the _____ Sox Scandal.

15. The 1983 White Sox were known for Winning _______.

16. Hit the first home run at New Comiskey Park.

19. Crumbling pisspot cesspool of mediocrity.

21. International Pop Superstar Yoán Moncada wore one in his music video.

23. Best food at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Thanks for playing, White Sox fans. Give your brain a break from White Sox news, if you need it.

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