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They keep dragging me back in.

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Bird App Recap: The game Tim played second base

Another day, another descent deeper away from first place

Happy NASCAR Night at the ballpark!

Also, happy birthday Tim Anderson, and welcome back!

Or not? TA not in the initial starting lineup.

Wait, wait. Tim’s IN!

And ... playing second base?

Alrighty then.

But like, what if he has to throw a ball from behind the bag at second?

Well, let’s find out together!

FYI, I am watching the Red Sox broadcast, for those following along at home.

Giolito looking sharp early; pitches around a Yoshida single, just to update anyone not in the ballpark yet.

White Sox stay living that .500 life.

White Sox go down 1-2-3 in their half of the first.

And it’s 1-2-3 for the other-colored Sox, but with this little nugget from the Red Sox broadcast team when talking about Lucas Giolito’s trade value.

Trade value going up, by the way.

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: White Sox offense takes a first-and-second, no-one-out situation, yet fails to get runs across.

We’re on to the third on the South Side, 0-0.

Red Sox score on some vintage #WhiteSoxDefense.

Anderson can’t corral the pickoff attempt.

Red Sox runner turns out to be very fast.

Many people are saying this.


I have to check the fine print of the bylaws, but this logic checks out.

Tim Anderson gives back to the cause, 1-1.

Benny certainly seems to have a way of hypnotizing viewers into seeing something different than the numbers will tell you.

Elvis Andrus will not be outdone, committing his own error for the Sox infield.

Rafael Devers hits one to the freaking moon, and it’s 3-1, bad Sox.

Devers may have found some external motivation prior to the game.

On a positive note, I am an unadulterated Bryan Ramos stan and I can’t wait to see him get a shot with the big-league club.

The Rafael Devers game.

Hard to argue:

But also true:

#OldFriendAlert 2: Electric Boogaloo

Andrus drops another one on a stolen base attempt.

Red Sox with a runner in scoring position with no outs in the fifth.

Gio follows up by drilling Hamilton.

Two on, no one out.

Not all Lucas’s fault, but a good question as the pitch count builds.

Gio battles his way out of the fifth unscathed.

Hey, how are you feeling Gio?

We don’t know what it is, but we’re dying to find out.

Let’s all ask Jacki as soon as we can!

Sox strand a two-out Benintendi double to end the sixth.

We interrupt this recap for an absolutely un-hittable Lucas Giolito changeup.

Lucas’ night likely done, though he leaves on a high note, striking out the side in the sixth.

Eloy with his third hit of the night, followed by some more classic White Sox lack of offense.

Gregory Santos looks dominant, going 1-2-3, but we are still asking:

Never noticed before, but once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Also glad he’s not another 24 y/o on the Guardians.

Maybe there was something to that personal catcher thing after all.

I can confirm, Reynaldo López is indeed pitching for the eighth.

Still something to catching a game on a warm summer day.

Even if you have to watch White Sox baseball.

Red Sox with some of their own #WhiteSoxDefense, but potential go-ahead run Gavin Sheets grounds out to end the inning.

Top of the ninth, 3-1 Perinone Hose.

At least it wasn’t just from one guy this time.

We go to the bottom of the ninth, Sox down to their last three outs, needing two runs to tie.

His shimmy does drive the ladies crazy

Sox lose the opener to their rosy counterparts, 3-1.

Might have to just try this instead tomorrow.

See you next time!

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