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Bird App Recap: Angels 4, White Sox 2

And just like that, the Pale Hose fall to 13 under

The White Sox go against Shohei the pitcher and hitter tonight in Anaheim. Let’s see if they can tie up the series with this lineup.

Some White Sox Twitter friends made it out to the game.

That’s a bold strategy AJ, let’s see if it pays off.

Beefloaf and the White Sox seem to have something in common.

Shohei Ohtani launches a ball to the moon.

But, are we even bothered anymore? He’s just THAT GOOD.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about Michael Kopech at the moment.

Eloy doubles in the second. (Nothing happens after because, duh.)

There are two outs in the second, and you’ll never guess what happened.

The Angels — they’re just like us!

Kopech somehow keeps escaping additional runs.

This could probably be applied to every single batter tonight.

Pedro Grifol challenged a safe call at first base — and won!

And Kopech gets the K on pitch 91. Yes, 91 through four. Onto the fifth with Touki Toussaint warming.

The vibes aren’t exactly great, though.

Grandal singles, and that’s cool. But the Jake Burger pop fly forces him back to first. You know where I’m going with this.

Kopech is back out in the fifth to face Ohtani, because that makes sense? Because he’s Ohtani, Shohei gets a base hit on a full count.

Kopech walks his seventh batter, putting two on with no outs.

That said, guess what time it is?!

Elvis Andrus draws a walk. Off Ohtani.

Two on, one out. Insert Tim Anderson.

The bats are ice-cold tonight as Luis Robert Jr. strikes out, leaving the shutout intact.

Ohtani can stay as a DH, but the bullpen takes over.

We’ve got a two-strike single from Gavin Sheets to put the Good Guys on the board.

That run really doesn’t matter anymore, as Ohtani knocks one out of the park.

Walk No. 10, runners in the corners, only one out, and it’s 4-1.

We’re all just down bad.

We’ve got an inning left, and a game tomorrow. But we’re already thinking about the A’s.

The Big Baby is having himself a night, at least.

But wait!

Zach Remillard drives on down the middle, and Burger singles after a late throw. The bases are suddenly loaded, with no outs. (No one seems positive about this.)

(Daniel, you were right.) The Angels turn a double play after Seby Zavala strikes out.

Goodnight, friends. See ya tomorrow, hopefully.

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