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Visiting Dugout Episode 26 — Oakland Athletics

Chrystal and John chat about the A’s

The White Sox sit in 24th place out of 30. And what team do they play next? The team in last place, coming in at No. 30, the Oakland Athletics. The novelty of the Moneyball tactic is long gone, departing shortly after the movie adaptation was released in 2011. With the team on the cusp of moving to Las Vegas to follow the Raiders, and fans flocking to the Coliseum for a reverse boycott, things are grim; owner John Fisher is under constant scrutiny by fans who wish he would sell the team.

Wait, that sounds familiar. Oh, right. White Sox fans dream of the day Jerry Reinsdorf sells the team, and find creative ways to not give Reinsdorf any money this season. From not buying any merchandise and bringing snack packs into the ballpark to avoid paying for concessions, fans of the team are hoping something changes. (It won’t, but I’m all for not spending money at the ballpark.)

Freelancer John Hickey, with decades of A’s knowledge, sits down to discuss the upcoming series in Oakland.

  • The American League West has three teams well better than .500 — and the A’s are at .250
  • What’s going on in Oakland?
  • The move, and what that means for the fans
  • Who is the team’s current MVP, and who could be on the trading block?
  • Questions from Twitter
  • Series matchup and pitching breakdowns
  • Fears, threats, and the keys to win the series
  • Around the league with John’s thoughts

Find John on Twitter.

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