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MLB: Chicago White Sox at Los Angeles Angels

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Gamethread: White Sox at Athletics

What promises to be a base-ball game for the ages ...

Let’s be frank, you just won’t be able to handle all the winning the White Sox are about to lay on you.
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The irresistible force that is the Chicago White Sox meets the immovable object that is the Oakland A’s tonight, the start of the three-game set over the holiday weekend of sorts.

Of course, it’s been well-documented that the Athletics are eminently movable, both literally — due to carpetbag to Vegas any day now — and in the baseball sense, as the worst team in baseball and potentially one of the worst clubs of all time.

Let’s hope the White Sox don’t take the woebegonerosity of the A’s as a challenge. With the White Sox just 4 1⁄2 back of first place at gametime, there’s no room for charity. Anything short of a sweep will be disappointing, and a series loss will be eminently mockable, and mock we will.

But with yesterday’s win and split of the L.A.-Anaheim-Glendale-Hollywood-Riverside series, the White Sox dug up their sixth win streak of the season and assured back-to-back, non-losing months. Like a real baseball club!

Prior to the game, Adam Haseley got the hello-goodbye treatment, shipped back to Charlotte (hopefully departing Chicago, that’s a miserable flight from PT to ET) in exchange for contact machine and backstop with pop Carlos Pérez. Does this mean Seby Zavala needs a rest after a two-dong game? I can’t tell you, I’m writing this thread on the fly and have been battling kernel panics on my Mac all day; the White Sox could have moved to Las Vegas and I might not be aware.

So, the White Sox line up in this fashion:

The recurring consequence of sleeping through the offseason, namely depending on some combination of Tanner Banks/Jesse Scholtens/Touki Toussaint/The Ghost of Francisco Barrios to win a must-game heading into July, is on the bump for Chicago.

Here’s Oakland. I can’t explain it, because I don’t know what it is.

Watch to watch or listen?

You sure?

The eminent Chrystal O’Keefe makes her game recap debut — yes, you read that right, 16,000 stories on South Side Sox and not a recap yet — postgame, along with anything else we post about this game. Because that’s just the kind of gal she is.

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