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Bird App Recap: A’s 7, White Sox 4

Oh, our team is BAD bad

We all know Liam Hendriks is the best person in baseball, but I really want to drive that home a bit more. Our Jimmy V Award recipient went above and beyond in his old stomping grounds. The A’s also made a donation to the Cancer Support Community in the Bay area.

This recap started positively, so let’s get to the bad news. It’s a bullpen game, and we’re playing Oakland.

The regular crew is gone, so we’ve got Len Kasper and Gordon Beckham.

The Sox scored in the first, but also left the bases loaded, because duh.

Tanner Banks only allowed a single in the first, and kept the A’s off the board.

Tim Anderson continues to have abysmal at-bats, this being the second of his game so far.

The bases are loaded again! What could go wrong?

Leadoff walks are known to haunt, and haunt they did. In the blink of an eye, it’s 4-1, A’s.

Let’s take a quick detour to a team that is actually having fun.

TA is still bad.

It’s getting a little spicy in Oakland.

It’s still 4-1 in the fifth.

Now: 5-1.

Twitter users are dropping like flies.

This team. I swear.

This team leads to unintended drinking.

And questioning everything.

The bases are loaded again in the eighth!

Andrew Benintendi knocks in two with a two-out double.

TA, on the other hand ...

And we’re back to being down four runs!

Hey! We’re within three!

But with two outs and Yasmani Grandal up with an 0-2 count ...

Goodnight, friends. Sorry if you stayed up for this garbage game.


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